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  1. (proclamation) 10 years of St. Oberholz

    burger_kingIt is often claimed that – next to Soundcloud, pressekompass.net, and several other startups –  StudiVz.de was founded at St. Oberholz. We have unsuccessfully fought this rumour for a long time – the StudiVz founders had the idea for their social media platform (Germany’s early and back then rather popular version of Facebook) way before the June 19th 2005, the day on which St. Oberholz opened its doors for the first time.

    Today we know about many founding stories: novels, movies and – of course – startups that have emerged from our history-charged building. Some of them are told bei our Lost & Found stories. But there are many stories we haven’t heard yet!

    10Tell us your stories! Your ideas, founding stories, your flashes of genius that happened in our old halls at Rosenthaler Platz. We want to use our 10-year anniversary to celebrate your epiphanies. For without these creative moments, St. Oberholz would be an unworthy descendant of the Aschinger Bierquelle, the pub where Alfred Döblin and George Grosz clinged their beer mugs.

    Send us your ideas from St. Oberholz – it doesn’t matter if it is a new cocktail recipe or the founding of your startup. And save the date: June 19th.

    1. Team rooms

      Growths hypotheses

      If the number of people working together on a project exceeds the amount of 2, the need for separate room will grow exponentially. This even holds for Startups.


      Flexible team rooms are perfectly suited for early-stage companies. They are perfect for project teams to be outsourced from established structures. They are perfect for temporary growth and combinable with all of the advantages of a Coworking infrastructure. And when we talk of “flexible” we mean a cancellation period of 7 days.

      teamroomBeginning of July St. Oberholz will open up its new location, a short walking distance away from Rosenthaler Platz. Next to apartments, a Coworking space and an espresso bar there will be 5 brand new team rooms for rent, starting at 990 € per month.
      The team rooms function according to the Plug & Play principle. They have basic furnishing: tables, chairs & fast WiFi. 12 hours of free usage of our conference rooms and a nameplate on the front door are included. There are several Coworking kitchens with tea and coffee (perfect espresso will be served on the ground floor) and there are regularly education courses & networking events in the house. Other services can be booked additionally like lockers or registration of a business address.

      Even now there are team rooms for rent at our location at Rosenthaler Platz.

      For any questions please contact us at info@sanktoberholz.de

      1. IFAB: Bitcoin

        Bitcoin_ATM_PlateOn Wednesday, April 15th, St. Oberholz IFAB presents a workshop on Bitcoins by Brian Fabian Crain.

        In this workshop Fabian will show how to create a Bitcoin wallet and discuss unusual business models made possible by the micro payment potential of the virtual currency.

        Fabian is the founder of “Epicenter Bitcoin”, a popular Podcast about the global revolution of cryptocurrencies and the initiator of the biggest Bitcoin Meetup in Germany “Bitcoin Startups Berlin”.

        The workshop will take place in the private Coworking area above the coffeeshop. The entrance is located next to the coffeeshop entrance (the red door in TorstraĂźe).

        The workshop will be held in English and starts at 7.15pm. Admission is free.

        Find the Facebook Event here.

        1. Driving Licence


          Yesterday, someone forgot a driving licence. The document has the shape of a credit card and has a gaily coloured design. Strong shades of blue and yellow dominate the surface. It is in sound condition, since it has only been issued as recently as May 6th, 2014.

          The driving licence belongs to Allyson T. from Pennsylvania. She lives in Chadds Ford and is born end of 80ies. She has the licence class C and is an organ donor.

          The government advertises on driving licences for the State of Pennsylvania as a holiday destination and names the beautiful website visitpa.com as domain. Convenient.

          Allyson, we’ll keep the licence for you, it is still valid until October 2016.

          1. General Operating Licences


            Yesterday, somebody left an extract of the general operating licence from the “Kraftzeugtechnisches Amt” of the German Democratic Republic.

            The operating licence is labelled wih the consecutive number 1477-5. Vehicle type: Moped, type S 51 E. Manufactured at VEB Fahrzeug- und Jagdwaffenwerk Suhl.

            There is technical data on its back page. Permissible maximum mass 260 kg, seating capacity: 2, maximum speed 60 km/h, year of manufacture 1985.

            The document is in a sound condition considering its age of 40 years. At the verges the paper is thinner and slightly torn. Presumably these signs of usage indicate a frequent carrying of the certificate in a pocketbook.

            The moped is a Simson S51. The “E” signifies Enduro. In the GDR the manufacturing of mopeds was centralised and unified. Mopeds were only produced by the company Simson, there was just a limited product range. The prototypes varied marginally. Therefore the operating licence could be preprinted and did not have to be filled in like a blank form.

            Today such a clean-cut product-range is only known by Apple. Whereas an Apple Store doesn’t really feel socialistic. A vague feeling tells us that the operating licence at hand is not connected in any way to this driving licence.

            1. Startup Institute at St. Oberholz

              Startup InstituteWe’re excited that the Startup Institute Berlin has moved in with us today. For the next two months they will hold their spring courses at the St. Oberholz apartment overlooking Rosenthaler Platz. There will be a lot of interesting events happening open to the St. Oberholz community.
              23.2. 7pm Open Doors with drinks and finger food. Open for everyone interested in Berlin’s Startup community.

              24.2. 5pm “Berlin – the Silicon Valley of Europe”, lecture by Christoph Raethke.

              27.2. 3pm Presentation of the “Smart Cities” Idea Hack  in cooperation with Berlin Partners.

              You can find the entrance to the Startup Institute next to the St. Oberholz in TorstraĂźe (the red door).

              1. IFAB: How to expand business to the U.S.

                SBrenner Photo (2)February’s IFAB (St. Oberholz’s Institute for applied education) focuses on business related immigration options to the US – increasingly seen as the land of opportunity for young European Startups.
                Sharon Brenner, a San Francisco-based attorney, will break down the complex US immigration process by explaining relevant visa classifications, timelines and expenses & share from her wide collection of anecdotes.
                Sharon has worked in various sectors of immigration law since 2004. She is well-versed in visa matters for artists and creatives, represents clients in business-related immigration matters – from individuals to startups to established businesses – and has spoken on the topic on numerous occasions.
                The focus at St. Oberholz’s IFAB will be on strategies, time saving tips, common obstacles, and potential new policy changes.

                Thursday 12/2/15 at 7.15 pm
                2nd floor – please ring the bell at the red door in TorstraĂźe, next to the coffee shop

                Workshop in English, admission is free

                1. IFAB: What is empowering Design?

                  IMG_0953St. Oberholz IFAB (Institute for Applied Sciences) starts into the New Year with an education measure by Ex-Couchsurfing CTO Joe Edelman: Joe will talk about the difference between technologies that make us stronger, and the ones that make us weaker. Advocating a fresh take on economics and interface design, he will elaborate on how to design apps with what’s truly important to app users in mind, rather than distracting/engaging them with tricks and manipulation.

                  Mr. Edelman was trained in research labs & startups, in choreography & theater, and in game design. He worked on precursors to the Kinect at Interval Research, on community algorithms at Couchsurfing, on collaborative filtering at MIT, on crowd choreography with Improv Everywhere, and runs community events that bring real world games to the teeming, unwashed masses.

                  Tuesday, January 20th at 7.15pm
                  St.Oberholz, 3rd floor
                  RSVP on Facebook

                  Free admission

                  Find a recording of Joe’s lecture at IFAB here.

                  1. Institute for applied education

                    140902_st_oberholz_ifab_euleFounding enterprises is a creative and complex process. Knowledge is constantly exchanged on the fertile soil of St. Oberholz. Most often informally, just from table neighbour to table neighbour in the café. Sometimes specifically requested, expert knowledge from co-worker to co-worker, aware of the others field of expertise.

                    Awesome knowledge, technical know-how, spiritual knowledge, cultural knowledge.

                    According to this atmosphere, we want to give an institutionalised stage to the informal stream of knowledge: the chain of events “St. Oberholz Institute for applied education“.

                    Unconventional expert knowledge, like “Mailboxes designed after family homes in Brandenburg, Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world“, „Hedonistic Resistance“ (mehr…)

                    1. TOA Satellites at St. Oberholz

                      TOAOn Wednesday it’s Tech + Art + Music + Science = Tech Open Air, The Unconference, this year at the abandoned carpet factory at Stralauer Peninsula. We’ve been a part of this since the beginning and are looking very forward to this year’s events: On Thursday St. Oberholz will host 3 Satellite events from the Tech Open Air. At 11 am there is a knitting workshop by Meisterclass in our private Coworking area. At 7pm Silicon Allee and the Chamber of Commerce will hold a Free Consultancy for (foreign) Startup Founders in one of our apartments and also at 7pm there is the Silicon Drinkabout in our bar downstairs.

                      All events are for free – even for those among you without TOA tickets!

                      By the way: You can get these here with 20% off by entering: TOAlovesStOberholz.

                      photo credit: Dan Taylor

                      1. Playground


                        For the upcoming weeks St. Oberholz’s nurturing pastures will be temporarily transformed into a soccer pitch:

                        From tomorrow on we’ll stream the World Cup Games on two large-format screens and serve you some ice-cold Zwickel (Craft Beer from Hamburg) from the tap to go with it.

                        1. Human Resources


                          Nadia Says

                          What are you currently doing with your life?
                          Work, eat, sleep, chill, party.

                          What do you believe in?

                          What is your profession?
                          I organise events and do a bit of PR.

                          What is your calling?
                          Haven’t had it yet…

                          Whom would you like to meet?
                          Lars Von Trier – is this like a TV show where you ask that and then he’s standing behind a curtain to meet me?

                          Whom would you prefer not to have met?
                          A few nasty people, I think I can count four of them. But then I would not be who I am today.

                          Which fictional character would you like to be?
                          Hum… I think nobody, but I somehow feel close to Dunbar in Catch 22, Rorschach in Watchmen and the Wicked Witch of the West in the most recent Oz book series.

                          1. Workshop Remote Work


                            Next Wednesday Evening will be all about location-independent ways of working (until 1995 known as “Telework”, nowadays “Remote Work”).  We are happy to host the Meetup Group Remote Work & Coworking in our Le Bureau above the St. Oberholz Coffee Shop. Starting at 7pm, there will be two short presentations: Julia Schenk will acquaint us with the latest research insights on this topic and Jan Sroka will then share some experiences from his years as a Remote Worker and talk with us about requirements, challenges and tools. Afterwards we want to share and discuss our experiences with this distinct way of working.

                            Feel free to join in! You can register here for free.

                            • Wednesday, May 14th, at 7 pm
                            • St. Oberholz Le Bureau, Rosenthaler StraĂźe 72a, 10119 Berlin (entrance through the Coffee Shop, follow the signs)
                            • Free admission

                            1. Remote Work

                              Remote Work

                              Thanks to our loyal friend technical progress we can accomplish work from different spots than just the office, and reach local independence. This Remote Work is a very different way of working, and lots of people have been talking about this lately. We will also do so:  Next Wednesday, May 14th, at 7 pm we want to meet up in the Coworking Bureau above the St. Oberholz Coffee Shop. We will listen to short presentations by Julia Schenk and Jan Sroka and then want to discuss Remote Work with you and our friends from the welance Coworking Space in Kreuzberg. Join the meetup here.

                              Wednesday, May 14th, Le Bureau (Entrance through the coffee shop, follow the signs).

                              Free entrance.

                              1. Into the wild

                                HundTonight is the official unofficial re:publica kick-off at St. Oberholz. Chink your glasses to the wild side of life!

                                May 5th, 2014, in the evening.

                                1. United Nations

                                  uno_stampYesterday, somebody forgot an album with stamps. It is DIN A5 in height when closed and DIN A4 when opened. Inside are 86 stamps spread over 12 pages. All stamps had been released by the United Nations between 1983 and 1997. Until today, we did not even know that the United Nations releases stamps. The currency on them is “s”. We assume that this is UN schilling. Does the UN has its own post office? We like a stamp, which has an imprint “counsel of economics and social matters” (see picture). It has a value of 6 UN Schilling and a spectacular motif. A red diagramme divides the graphic diagonally and depicts a value, which in reference to time – its values are depicted on the x-axis – changes but consitently rises. Small plateaus of stagnation are clearly located. On this diagramme you can see a family depicted as pictogrammes. They use these small plateaus as steps. The child, from all members of the family, wants to get to the top most urgently. It rises its arm cheerfully and shows the direction. “See, this is where I want to go!” It drags its mother with the other hand. The father, at the end of the line, pushes them at their backs.

                                  What do these stairs consist of? The international rate of inflation? The average temperature of a month of Rome from January until July? Where is the child eager to go? To the next peak? Why does it not see that there are no steps left and the ascent is virtually not possible? Why does the mother seem to be exhausted and does not seem to get to the top? We are anxious if we ever see the life saver, which has a radar in its middle, ever again.

                                  1. Not Pregnant


                                    Yesterday, somebody forgot a pregnancy test. Its appearance reminds of a thermometer. It is 15cm in length, has a white corpus with a blue cap, matching the name of the manufacturer “clearblue”. The test has definite signs of usage. The display says: “not pregnant.”

                                    From the instruction leaflet you will find out that it shows the unambiguous result in worlds, as it is a digital pregnancy test. This is fairly appropriate. Pregnancy tests at St. Oberholz need to be digital. Furthermore it is explained that in case of a successful fertilization the number of weeks since conception is displayed. We think there is a share-this-result-with-your-friends-button. We do not know if the test is bugproof. The instraction says, that the disposable device after usage shall be handed in at a collecting point as it comprised of a battery and electronics.

                                    There used to be less information but easier dumping.

                                    1. Fare-Dodging


                                      Yesterday, somebody forgot a reseipt. A fine of 40 Euros was certifide according to §9 of conditions of transportation. The receipt is valid until exiting the current vehicle of transportion.

                                      The conditions of transportation rule the interaction between the transportation company and travellers. The receipt is valid until exiting the current vehicle of transportion.

                                      The owner of the receipt was caught in the U8 train at station “Weinmeisterstrasse”. This is one station from St. Oberholz. That was close, we would say.

                                      Could somebody please scan the QR code for us?

                                      1. The Black Obelisk


                                        Yesterday, somebody forgot a black obelisk. It isn’t big. The hexagonal base is 7mm in diameter, tends to the colour purple, whereas the stone broadens and fades into black. The height is 21 mm at the top.

                                        The first to built obelisks where the Agyptians. They considered them linking elements between the world of the humans and the world of the gods. We consider them an interface between the world of gastronomy and the world of guests.The world’s biggest obelisk is, self-evidently, in the USA, the Washington Monument. Until the Eiffel Tower was finished, it was – for a short period of time – the tallest building in the world: 169 meters.

                                        The world’s smallest obelisk is at St. Oberholz in Berlin.

                                        1. Jackson Lab in Bar Harbour

                                          deutschkursYesterday, somebody forgot a page of a college block. There is handwriting on both pages. Block capitals were added with a blue pen. Many changes and corrections, as well as the content of the text are indications that this is the work of a language student. Presumably he describes his  hometown  Bar Harbour on Mount-Desert-Island on the coast of  Maine.

                                          One should know that the bars close at 1am, except a discotheque named Carmen´s, where you can dance with an enthusiastic audience.

                                          Also markable is the fact, that the Jackson Laboratories are situated here, it breeds 90% of the laboratory mouses worldwide.

                                          We also got to know a new Germand word from this course: “der Tanzbegeisterte”. Thank you for that.

                                          1. Yusuf O.

                                            pressekarteYesterday, somebody forgot a press card. It was issued for the trial Yusuf o. u.a. before the 1st criminal court. Issued for Barbara K. by the president of the court of appeal. We pixilated the surname of the journalist due to data privacy. There is a clear advice on the back, which forbids filming and photographing during a trial in session by legal force.  Down on the left side, there is very small lettering which says “SNJ 006, DTP”. The first abbreviation stands for senate department of justice, the second for desktop publishing.  We believe, that this regards a process from January 2012 against a presumptive member of Al Quaida. Why this card has been forgotten just now, we do not know. Barbara, can you please verify this and also forward a link of your article on this trial?

                                            1. Cute Bartender

                                              bartenderSomebody forgot an inscribed napkin. The napkin is 16 x 8 cm. It looks exactly like those napkins we use at the café.

                                              Somebody wrote on it, “1745772xxx For the cute bartender with the black shirt.” We blurred the last three digits due to data privacy.

                                              We don’t know when this napkin was forgotten, maybe last night already. Since then we had three cute bartenders with a black shirt working. That is why we called the number, unfortunately misconnected. The subscriber did not know anything about about a cute bartender.

                                              The handwritting looks male. The word bartender is rather masculine, but it could be about a female bartender too. We have a good assortment in the timeframe in question, men and women that are cute and black shirt. Did a man write this for a female bartender or a man for a male bartender. Or maybe the writer is a woman after all. Is everything metrosexual these days?

                                              We are happy to receive relevant information regarding both the napkin as well as metrosexuality.

                                              1. Postal Ballot

                                                electionYesterday, somebody forgot an envelope for postal ballot for the US presedential election. It comes from the Board of  Elections, New York City, Queens.

                                                The envelope is quite big and heavy. Much bigger and heavier than German postal vote forms. The thing has much drama and style.

                                                This mail is addressed to Marianna E. in Berlin. Marianna, when you read this, the forms are on its way to you already. We just put them back into the mail box.

                                                Please don’t forget, that the postal stamp must not exceed November 6, and the mailing must not reach your local polling location later than November 13.  Otherwise your vote is not valid.

                                                1. teething Ring of a digital native

                                                  biteYesterday, somebody forgot a teething ring. This tool must belong to a digital native. It consists of 3 different parts. The red part is made from silicon, quite firm, after certain pressure it gives in. One wants to constantly fiddle with this.

                                                  The green part is much softer and filled with a liquid. We assume that this is a cooling liquid. So, he teething ring can be put into the freezer and will emit the cold to the soothing parts of the digital native’s mouth. This is certainly a very pleasant feeling.

                                                  The blue solid part connects the functional modules. All material is tasteless.

                                                  Digital natives teeth about the age of 6 months. We suggest to have a teething ring in handy for fully grown ones, there are hardly better ways of this silent removal if agression.

                                                  In case of emergency please ask at the bar.

                                                  1. Humalog kwikPen

                                                    insulinYesterday, sombody forgot Humalog KwikPen. There is a screw at the top with which one ca adjust the dosis of insulin. This ranges from 0 to 60 units. The head of the syringe pops out more, the more units one selects. When you push it down, the insulin will come out. At the lower part, one can srew on a disposable needle which should make the injection much easier.

                                                    Humandlog is a kind of insulin, which enfolds its effect rapidly and much faster thaan actrapid.

                                                    We just sprayed 10 units into the air. Now we know, insulin has a scent. It smelles like artificial sweetener. We find this weird. Or maybe the insulin does not smell but the carrier, the alcohol or whatever is mixed with it.

                                                    The pen is almost half filled. So when somebody is sitting at St.Oberholz hyperglycaemic, is welcome to ask. Please bring disposable needles.

                                                    1. Yellow Mammoth

                                                      mammutYesterday, someday forgot a mammoth. It is yellow, 46 mm long and 28 mm high. It is slender and very yellow. The depth at the back is 4 mm maximum.

                                                      The sythetic material is firm and smooth, only the tusks are a little flexible. From the seams you can see that this was cast.

                                                      Only 4,000 years they ceased to exist. We always thought mammoths are as big as elephants. But this one is very slim, maybe it suffered from pre-historic eating disorder. Were mammoths chubby or skinny.

                                                      1. Forever Yours

                                                        auf_ewigYesterday, someday forgot a ring. This has not happened in a long time. The golden ring is delicate and has an almost colourless glassy gemstone.

                                                        Unfortunately we witnessed a dramatic scene today. We did not want to watch, but could not withdraw. A couple was fighting and crying intensely at one of our tables. Eventually the woman put down this ring and left St. Oberholz crying. The man was gathering himself and left as well.

                                                        When we wanted to clean this table, the ring lay there. We did not have a chance to bring it after them.

                                                        The ring is engraved with: “Forever Yours”.

                                                        1. Foxy


                                                          Yesterday somebody forgot an amulet. Central subject is the depiction of a fox in half profile. It is in a sitting position and has a quite friendly gesture. The subject is covered by a curved glass, which is fixed by a silver frame and to which a chain is attached. With the help of this chain, the subject can be worn around the neck. We know amulets with pictures of beloved, sketches, ships and military symbols but we have never seen an inhabitant of a forest as an amulet.

                                                          Who may be the wearer? The daughter of a huntsman? A Greenpeace freak. A sodomist with a crush? We are happy to receive relevant information.

                                                          1. Nails like PLUS supermarkets


                                                            Yesterday somebody forgot an USB stick. It has a capacity of 2 GB, 183GB of which are not used. It is protected by a transparent reddish body and has a small light, which glows and flickers beautifully when put into a computer to show that it is processing.Even more interesting than the texture of the stick is its digital content.

                                                            Presentation to for Therapy and Process Study

                                                            Music of Bailefunk

                                                            A folder with numerous documentary pictures of water damage in             an apartment

                                                            Photos of a vacation

                                                            We want to take a detailed look, due to reasons for space and time, only at this picture, which we find quite nice.One single human being is in the water, as if he did not notice the shark alarm. Noteworthy are the colours of the nail polish on these beautifully maintained feet, involuntarily they remind us of the discount chain PLUS. Can somebody interpret this please? Are feet liable to personality rights?

                                                            1. Mrs. Petersem


                                                              Yesterday, somebody forgot several notes. They are app. 50 x 100 mm and a lose collection of sheets in a sheet. Apparently one sheet has only things to get for Christmas. Here, one wonders if Mrs. Petersen shall get cookies for Christmas, perhaps give here a call beforehand? Mrs. Petersen, we hope you got your cookies even though the note was lost. But as it is crossed out, we assume this is done. Furthermore there ought to be bought Butaris (this is clarified butter, we had to look this up and were hoping that it would be something which is forbidden), a Dubliners CD (Mrs. Petersen we really hope you got the cookies) and Voltaren (we think Voltaren is a rather unusual Christmas present). For us, as a restaurant proprietor, the back of the collection is not a little interesting as there is among other a recipe for Salad Berlin. We want to say in advance that Salad Berlin is not suitable for meatless nutrition: 280g pees from a can, 2 x 125g cooked ham, 200g boloney, 200g salami, macaroni (no measure, but we assume to measure carefully). Bon Appétit! We are quite open-minded towards Berlin Cuisine, but somebody maybe wants to make this salad and let us know if we should take this into our supply? Maybe as a Berlin New Year’s Salad?

                                                              1. Mrs. Petersen

                                                                petersenGestern wurden einige Notizzettel vergessen. Sie sind ca. 50 x 100 mm groß und in Form einer losen Blattsammlung in einer passenden Klarsichthülle gespeichert. Es handelt sich offensichtlich auf der einen Seite um Weihnachtsbesorgungen. Hier wird als erstes die Frage gestellt, ob man Frau Petersen wohl Plätzchen schenken sollte, vielleicht vorher nochmal anrufen? Frau Petersen, wir hoffen, sie haben Ihre Plätzchen erhalten, obwohl der Zettel verloren wurde, wobei die Notiz durchgestrichen und damit vermutlich erledigt wurde.
                                                                Außerdem besorgt werden sollte Butaris (Das ist Butterschmalz, mussten wir selber nachschlagen und hofften schon, dass es irgendetwas Verbotenes ist), eine Dubliners CD (Frau Petersen, hoffentlich haben SIE Plätzchen erhalten) und Voltaren (Wir finden Voltaren gehört eher zu den ungewöhnlichen Weihnachtsgeschenken.)

                                                                FĂĽr uns als Gastronom, ist die RĂĽckseite der Sammlung nicht minder interessant, befindet sich hier doch unter anderem ein Rezept fĂĽr “Berliner Salat”. Wir wollen es gleich vorwegnehmen, der Berliner Salat eignet sich nicht fĂĽr eine fleischlose Ernährung: 280 g Erbsen aus der Dose, 2 x 125 g gekochter Schinken (Anm. d. Red.: Wahlweise auch 1 x 250 g), 200 g Fleischwurst, 200 g grobe Salami, Makkaronis (ohne Mengenangabe, aber wir vermuten: vorsichtig dosieren)
                                                                Wohl bekomm’s!
                                                                Wir sind der Berliner KĂĽche gegenĂĽber ja recht aufgeschlossen, aber mag mal jemand diesen Salat testweise herstellen und uns bescheid geben, ob wir ihn ins Sortiment ĂĽbernehmen sollen? Vielleicht als “Berliner Neujahrs Salat” oder so?

                                                                1. Gripping Device

                                                                  pinzetteYesterday someone forgot a gripping device. It shows significant signs of usage, but is still operative to its full extent.

                                                                  It is 46mm in length and branches of into its two pieces of metal which were weld together at the handle. After light pressure these two pieces of metal approach each other and with some skill one may presumably pick up something with this accessory tool. We assume that most of all small objects, which are too small for a human gripping device – the hand.

                                                                  Whoever wants to give this a shot, you are welcome to signal this at the bar.

                                                                  1. God’s sign

                                                                    papstJust this minute someone forgot two tickets for the Berlin Olympic Stadium. It concers two seats block 13.1, row 28, seats 15+16. Hertha is not playing today. Today the pope is playing. Against whom we do not know. The ticket says, „Where God is, there is future.“ There is an ad on the back fort he big illustrated book, 96 pages, 21 x 27cm, througout coloured images, hardcover. Only 9,95. Is that God’s sign? If the owners of these tickets will not have approached us by 4pm, we will give them away or go ourselves. Somebody interested?

                                                                    1. Ranitidin 300

                                                                      pillenYesterday somebody forgot an etui. It is 70 x 70mm and in form of a small bag. It has a mouth-like opening which can be closed with 2 interlocked hinges. It is comprised of printed cloth. The imprint is hard to secribe. More interesting then the etui ist he content. It is stuffed with medicine of any kind. Pills, capsules and also medical tape. Medication ranges from Rennie gastric gum to ranixil with the ingredient ranitidin dosis 300mg. The owner may have an upset stomach. We assume that the owner, after the consumption of our dishes, has been free of complaints like he has never experienced before, so he totally forgot his depot of medication.

                                                                      However, we do not know which ingredient is hidden in the small round and white capsule. It is 10mm in diameter and 4mm in height, the edges are slightly bend. In the middle is stamped „eemol“. Who can tell us what stands behind that. Ingredient and mode of operation would be important to us.

                                                                      1. Hat and Mouth

                                                                        berlinYesterday, somebody forgot a notbook. It is quite small, 70 x 130 mm in closed state. There is a woman raising here arms depicted on the cover. The inside has numerous notes and a sketch. We understand most notes and ideas which fill the notbook in handwriting. But we are struggeling with the sketch. The stylized outline of Berlin is on the center. It is not precisely drawn but the “B” in the center clears any doubt it may not be Berlin. On the right side or east of Berlin is a closed door.  West of Berlin a light bulb. North east of Berlin – at 2 o’clock a note with accident, at 10 o’clock a chair. On top of that, north of Berlin is a hat, and south of it kissing lips. These two symbols, namely north and south are connected with an arrow. The hat is situated on Wandlitz, the lips on Rangsdorf. Wandlitz and Rangsdorf, hat and lips, the chair and the note, closed door and light bulb. We are losing it!

                                                                        1. Julian your notes

                                                                          julianJust this minute somebody forgot something.

                                                                          It is a napkin with notes on it. We assume these notes come from Julian Assange who was just sitting on the table, on which we found this. Nothing but digits and mathematical punctuation was written down and a few simple equations. Two digits were circled

                                                                          0′30, this could be a time or degrees

                                                                          1960, could be an annual date.

                                                                          One word is written on the back: Africa.

                                                                          Does anybody have an idea?

                                                                          Julian, maybe you want to stop by tomorrow and we can hand back your notes and maybe I finally dare to speak to you.

                                                                          One more thing: The solution for x of x/100*2500=800 is x=32.

                                                                          1. Shopping List

                                                                            kaufenJust this minute somebody forgot their shopping list. It is formatted 80 x 80 mm and in good condition. These things need to be bought:

                                                                            QTips, facial cleaner, deo, dental floss, – brush, hairspray, shampoo, shower gel, gum, hair pins, conditioner.

                                                                            We assume that this is supposed to be a shopping list for a drugstore. We ask ourselves: Do you still have to shop this or have you already shopped this?

                                                                            1. Kathi

                                                                              kathiYesterday someone forgot a keychain. It has two keys for a bike lock. The keychain is made classically, light green in colour. On the keychain is a sticker made from paper which has handwriting on it. On it it says, “Kathi Fahrradschloss.” Both the keys are identical, so both suitable for one lock. Kathi, do you wish to get your keys back? If not, please let us know where your bike is. And please let us know quickly because we are at Rosenthaler Platz!

                                                                              1. Arabian camel

                                                                                dromedarYesterday someone forgot a pendant. It is an Arabian camel. The camel is 26mm in lenghth, 17mm in height and its belly diameter at the thickest spot is 11mm. At the highest spot on the back, namely its hump, is a small hook made from metal. It was attached to something with this hook. Presumebably to something that is much bigger than itself. A cloth, a purse or an ear of a human. We cannot really say what this camel is made of. There is something like a hole from which something could have been filled into the camel at his downside of the belly, seams at the feet. Consequently we assume something like casting technique. Despite of the seams and the hook, the animal stands firmly on his feet. We know that it is actually not a camel, since it only has one hump. What we did not know ist hat an Arabian camel does not have water supply in his hump, like the regular camel, but in his stomach. Interesting!

                                                                                1. The happy coffee drinker

                                                                                  notizbuch_octYesterday someone forgot this calendar. It has a black cover and is size DIN A6 in closed condition. It is from the year 2009 and shows next to many appointments also some noteworthy sketches. One of those sketches, which we  do not want to keep from you, we want to elaborate one here:

                                                                                  A humanlike creature is holding a coffee mug in one hand and a coffee spoon in the other. His hair is separated in the middle and falls amply on both sides. The creature smiles radiantly and seems to be about to drink the liquid, which is in the coffee mug, presumably coffee. With pleasant anticipation, it holds the spoon up, away from his body. Underneath the humanlike creature, from whom one can only see the torso, the head and upper extremeties, is also a coffee mug but without handle. A beautiful sketch. We call it “the happy coffee drinker.”

                                                                                  1. Dracula Teeth

                                                                                    gebissYesterday, someone forgot these Dracula teeth. They are customary Dracula teeth which you can purchase at any well-assorted specialty store. It has obvious signs of usage. We assume a connection to today’s carnival thursday.

                                                                                    No other day adorns itself with so many idioms:

                                                                                    Women’s Carnival Day, Thursday before Shrove Tuesday, Trull’s Carnival, Wieverfastelovend, Faisse Dunnschdig, Silly Thursday, Ragged Thursday, Dirty Thursday, Schmotzigen Thursday, Schmotziger Dunschtig, Schmotziga Dorschdich, Schmotziga Dauschteg, Gombiger Doschdig, Glombiger Doschdig or simply Schmotziga, in Switzerland Dirty Thursday.

                                                                                    Not bad.

                                                                                    1. Tampon


                                                                                      Yesterday someone forgot a tampax. The brand is “o.b. Pro Comfort Super”.
                                                                                      On the producer’s website, a small tampax guide has been constructed for product consultation, which leads the client- after answering the question –  purposeful  to their suitable tampax. Whoever can tell us how they need to answer these questions to get this sample as an recommandation in the tampax finder, will get a coffee flatrate for a day and of course this tampon too.

                                                                                      Thus, even we want to apply only suitable products for our guests. 

                                                                                      Here the tampon finder:

                                                                                      The riddle has been solved. Congratulation on this beautiful tampon and the coffee flatrate to Marcus & Katharina.

                                                                                      1. Fretwork

                                                                                        ohrYesterday somebody forgot this ear adornment. We hesitate to call it earring, although the object is composed of a circular base. The ear adonrment is made of ply wood with a material thickness of 3mm. The ply wood is brownishly stained and with great effort, inside the circle differently formed shapes were neatly sewn out, so a floral ornamentation emerges. We assume this was done with a fret saw. The hook is made from classic copper. All in all, this work seems to be unique. It is pleasantly light and largely made from renewable raw material. Therefore it is easy on the skin and shows the bearer to be a fan of sustainability and nature. We ask ourselves: Do you have a second matching ear adornment and miss this one painfully? Or do have sewn out a new one already?

                                                                                        1. Advent Calender

                                                                                          adventToday we opened you present as announced. It is an advent calendar by the brand “playmobile“. If you had opened all these little windows, you would have had a nice “Ponyhof“. Ponyhof? Aunt Brigitta, you wouldn’t by any chance have stolen our fine board “Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof“? And now, accidentally you would leave the advent calendar marked “For Victor“. This means for the winner. This savours of conspiracy.

                                                                                          1. Present

                                                                                            geschenkYesterday someone forgot a present. It is wrapped in commercially available, hoarse brown paper. The measurements are 48 x 27 x 8 cm. This is written on it: For Victor from Aunt Brigitta. The dot above the letter “I“ in “Victor“ is heart-shaped. When shaken, the content rattles. We anticipate „playmobile“. Dear Aunt Brigitta, unfortunately we would not be able to resist not opening the present, that is until Christmas. We can wait until 16 December, but not any longer. We will report after opening.

                                                                                            1. Jtech

                                                                                              vapianoYesterday someone forgot a receiver from the brand jtech. “Vapiano – no matter where you sit, I have an eye on your pizza“ is written on top of it. There are a flashing light and the number 8 on the front side. On the back side is an oval area with little holes in it. We take it that there are speakers behind. Supposedly these receivers are used at Vapiano restaurants to alarm guests that there ordered food is ready. The receiver may emit acoustic signals and even flash. We may raise a few questions though: How big is the range of this sophisticated transceiver technique. Will a signal from Friedrichstrasse still reach us. it remains suspense-packed.

                                                                                              1. Tealight Holder

                                                                                                kerzenstaenderYesterday someone forgot this candleholder. To be more precisely, it is a tealight holder. It is 80mm in diameter and 75mm in height. All in all, a fine aspect ratio. There is engraving on the glassy body – an indicated floral pattern. The lower part is made of synthetic material, which resembles premium steel. There is an immersion in the center, which is a little bigger in diameter than a commercially available tealight. The tealight holder is not new, but used. Now and again, one wants to bring this into their regular café, such a tealight holder.

                                                                                                1. Evergreen


                                                                                                  Yesterday someone forgot this photo. Several photos printed on DIN A4 were rolled up and fixed with a rubber band. All motives show young men ready for combat. We liked this motive the most. 3 fighters in defensive pose armed with batons. In the background a green cargo boat container labelled “evergreen“ and a blue one labelled “SENATOR“. From front and below the fighters are floodlighted with artificial light. The fighter on the very left has “voluntas“ tattooed onto his lower arm. This is Latin for “wish, desire“. We want to know: what is your desire? Whom are you fighting against? Are you opponents of globalisation? And – please don’t hit us, because we published this photo. We keep your prints in good condition until you pick them up.

                                                                                                  1. Ten Pounds


                                                                                                    Yesterday someone forgot a ten pound bill. The front shows the Queen, nice lettering says “Bank of England. I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten pounds.“ Charles Darwin is printed on the back with the same words but not the same lettering.

                                                                                                    The bill is in good hardly used condition. Slightly wrinkled but not unpleasant. Charles Darwin has a lot at his chin and the Queen has a lot on her head. The market on close today is at EUR 0.9254.

                                                                                                    If somebody happens to go to England: We have to give ten pounds at a favourable rate.

                                                                                                    1. More effectivity through multi tasking


                                                                                                      Yesterday someone forgot this notebook. It is a Moleskine DIN A6 brand no lines. The page we like the best shows a cartoon. Above the drawing, which images a man who simultaneously brushes his teeth and uses the toilet with the specialised brushes, is written: Two-handed – for more effectivity? In our opinion this is a good idea, which we want conserve and publish here to provide all our guests with more leisure time and enjoyment of life.