1. Institute for applied education

    140902_st_oberholz_ifab_euleFounding enterprises is a creative and complex process. Knowledge is constantly exchanged on the fertile soil of St. Oberholz. Most often informally, just from table neighbour to table neighbour in the café. Sometimes specifically requested, expert knowledge from co-worker to co-worker, aware of the others field of expertise.

    Awesome knowledge, technical know-how, spiritual knowledge, cultural knowledge.

    According to this atmosphere, we want to give an institutionalised stage to the informal stream of knowledge: the chain of events “St. Oberholz Institute for applied education“.

    Unconventional expert knowledge, like “Mailboxes designed after family homes in Brandenburg, Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world“, „Hedonistic Resistance“ und “Utopian Economics” or “The Micro-Payment-Potential of Bitcoin“, will be displayed in various formats: lectures, workshops, incendiary discourses, interviews. There will also be excursions.

    The specialists come from the St. Oberholz vicinity. Soirées in German and English are open to the public. Entrance is free.
    We are looking very forward to it – it is going to be wild.