1. (proclamation) 10 years of St. Oberholz

    burger_kingIt is often claimed that – next to Soundcloud, pressekompass.net, and several other startups –  StudiVz.de was founded at St. Oberholz. We have unsuccessfully fought this rumour for a long time – the StudiVz founders had the idea for their social media platform (Germany’s early and back then rather popular version of Facebook) way before the June 19th 2005, the day on which St. Oberholz opened its doors for the first time.

    Today we know about many founding stories: novels, movies and – of course – startups that have emerged from our history-charged building. Some of them are told bei our Lost & Found stories. But there are many stories we haven’t heard yet!

    10Tell us your stories! Your ideas, founding stories, your flashes of genius that happened in our old halls at Rosenthaler Platz. We want to use our 10-year anniversary to celebrate your epiphanies. For without these creative moments, St. Oberholz would be an unworthy descendant of the Aschinger Bierquelle, the pub where Alfred Döblin and George Grosz clinged their beer mugs.

    Send us your ideas from St. Oberholz – it doesn’t matter if it is a new cocktail recipe or the founding of your startup. And save the date: June 19th.